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Posted by burntmuffin on 28th January 2010

The New “Not Invisible” Cloak

I was rooting around in one of the boxes in the garage and found this shiny piece of red fabric. There is a story to how I came to own this fabric, but that comes later. I thought to myself, “A cloak for my little girl. She can pretend she is a princess or a [...]

Posted by burntmuffin on 27th January 2010

Double Cheese Muffins

There is something about the smell of baking which fills the home and your being with happiness. I needed to use up some leftover cheeses I had in the fridge. And muffins take the least effort and time to make, so this is what I did to make┬áthese mouth-watering pieces of cheesy goodness …. YUM! [...]

Posted by burntmuffin on 25th January 2010

Usborne Craft Books

I love craft. But when it comes to things to make with a two-year-old, my brain draws a blank. Thankfully, our local library has books like these for loan. Bit hard to see in the picture, the books are:

Posted by burntmuffin on 24th January 2010

The Shirred Dress

It was 2 am on Sunday the 24th of January. I was shirring the bodice of a dress for my little girl for the 3rd time. I am thinking, “One day, I’m going to tell her what I went through to make her this dress and she will not believe me”. So, a bit of [...]