Posted by burntmuffin on 11th February 2010

Mary Jane Booties

A few months after my little girl was born, I learned to knit – using library books as guides.

The reason was I wanted to knit her these adorable little booties by Lucie Sinkler.

Alas, by the time I was confident enough to tackle them, her feet had grown considerably. But that didn’t stop me from knitting them as gifts for my friends’ newborn babies. The 9th pair was given to their new owner yesterday.

The 9th pair

For baby girl booties, I’ve sewn on ribbon/satin roses andĀ little press stud buttons instead of the buttonholes specified in the pattern.

Here are pictures of some of the others:

The 2nd pair - modeled by their owner's little feet

The 3rd pair

Testing with double straps (for boys)

The 6th and 7th pair with matching beanie and cardigan (my sister didn't know until her 38th week)

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  1. Mr K says:

    I love these – they are so cute & they keep the kids’ feet so warm.

    You should see them in the little boxes ..

  2. Hischild says:

    They are positively perfect! My first knitted booties endeavor turned out considerably larger than the other. R, you did awesome!

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