Posted by burntmuffin on 12th March 2010


Here’s a great idea (it was Mr K’s).

Cut out a big piece of paper and get your child to lie on top of it while you trace around his/her body. Give him/her a bunch of crayons and this will keep them occupied for ages! It’s also great to do when they have friends come over to play and they want to do some crafts. (Gives you a bit of a break as they are busy colouring in) :) .

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    2 Responses

  1. Mr K says:

    Ahh see I do have creative ideas once in a while :)

    It is fun to trace around Little Miss S – the look on her face of “horror” the first time – what is Daddy doing?? Then when she realised … the squeal of delight … well worth it.

    Of course she wanted to trace Daddy – that’d be a LONG bit of paper!!

  2. Muks says:

    Trace Daddy on the wall!

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