Posted by burntmuffin on 11th March 2010

Singlets for winter – Part 1

As we approach the cooler seasons, shops are starting to stock thermal and woolen undergarments. My 2.5 year old has outgrown her woolen thermals (it’s about time really, as they were her 12-month ones). But because they are priced from $10 (for synthetic fabric singlets) to $30 (for 100% wool), I find it hard to justify paying so much for such a small item of clothing.

So, starts my experimentation. I am going to attempt to make woolen undergarments for my toddler.

A week ago, my friend took me to a fabric shop in Otara (I don’t know the name of the shop). They sell metre lengths of 100% merino wool for $15. I bought 2 metres of the cotton and merino mix ($8/metre).

Having never sewn or worked with a knit type fabric before, I decided to start with a singlet and use a cotton knit fabric (which I bought for $4/m to attempt toddler knickers – again, I can’t justify paying $2/each) before cutting into the wool.

I used an old store-bought singlet for the rough template, drew it slightly bigger and cut out the front and back pieces. As I don’t have an overlocker, I used an over-edge stitch on the sides. Then it was a matter of sewing up the sides/shoulders and hemming the neck & arm holes.

L-Bought, R-Sewn

I don’t think that my toddler would mind that it’s not as “finished” looking as the store-bought one. I think I am brave enough now to cut into the cotton/wool fabric.

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