Posted by burntmuffin on 15th June 2010

Button-Up Cube

My 2.75 year old loves buttons – especially the process of buttoning and unbuttoning. Bedtime routines take far too long these days – she insists on buttoning up her flannel pajamas. And dressing for the day takes just as long.

So I decided to make her this:

"Button Toy"

She calls it the “Button Toy”.

Here are some pictures of the process:

Cut 6 squares of fabric and extra fabric for the button holes.

Making the first buttonhole.

Cut the fabric to make the buttonhole.

Squares completed - sew buttons tightly onto the squares.

Sew the first 4 squares together.

First four squares sewn together.

Sew the 5th and 6th square leaving a gap for turning out.

Fill the cube - I used polyester fill as that was what I had.

Sew up the opening.

One thing I would do differently next time is to sew a straight stitch along the squares before stuffing the cube.

This would also be great as a fabric book or a placemat-sized quilt.

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