Posted by burntmuffin on 14th January 2011

Various projects

Well, it has been a busy couple of weeks. We’ve finally started working on the outside of the house. The deck got scrubbed and painted, The exterior of the house is about 3/4 painted. New baby gifts were made and distributed, books have been read, etc. Now that Mr K is back at work, we have to relegate the painting to weekends only. In which case, I had time to finish a few projects that I had been working on.

1) The ice cream dress:

The Ice Cream Dress

Miss S had been bugging me to make this dress for her since the pattern arrived in October (see post). I’ve since found out the reason why. As soon as I put the dress on her, she said “Where’s my ice cream, Mummy? This is the ice cream dress, so I get an ice cream.” Anyway, she picked the fabrics from my stash – I was a bit dubious at first, but they seem to work well together. I love the pockets, it was the first time I’ve made pockets and will definitely make them again.

2) Toy-sized nappies (pattern by Skip to my Lou):

Lamb-y and her new nappies

When I read this post on Hammer and Thread a while ago, I bookmarked the page. It’s been on my to-make list for a while. Miss S has 3 toys that she plays with often: Dolly, Sheep-y and Lamb-y. Dolly and Sheep-y are the big ones. Lamb-y is the baby. Dolly and Sheep-y wear clothes, Lamb-y goes around with nothing on. So yesterday, I whipped up 3 nappies for Lamb-y and stuck velcro dots on them. And now Dolly and Sheep-y have been relegated back to “babyhood”.

Lamb-y, Sheep-y and Dolly

3) A knitted sweater:

Simple Sweater

A couple of weeks ago, I got this book out from the library called Knits for Children and their Teddies by Fiona McTague. This is such a cool book with beautiful patterns.

Knits for Children and Their Teddies

Seeing that I’ve a stash of wool sitting in the cupboard, I thought I’d make the mini-version of the simple sweater. If Miss S liked it, I’d make the big version for her. There were less stitches to knit, but it was still hard to sew the seams together nicely (this is the part I often struggle with). Which is why I’m trying to learn to to knit with double points (no seams to sew up later!). I’d try circular needles too, but my 1st attempt many years ago ended up being a disaster.

Sheep-y modeling the sweater

So there you have it. Next on the project list…. I’ll have to have a think. :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

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    4 Responses

  1. Muks says:

    Love the little sweater. Is Miss S going to get hers then?

  2. Carol says:

    I love the ice cream dress! It looks so nice…and haha, I laughed when you wrote about why Miss S wanted that dress. She’s a smart girl!! I didn’t know you were doing so many little projects – they’re awesome, and as good as store-bought, or even better :) . The nappies are a cute and fun idea. I especially love the doll’s beds when I read that post a few weeks ago. :)

  3. burntmuffin says:

    Well… I’m not too sure. I knitted her a hat with the wool that I used and she said, “It’s scratchy”. I may have to change to a cotton blend when/if I decide to make her one.

  4. burntmuffin says:

    Nope, she decided that she did not like the “scratchy” wool.

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