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Posted by burntmuffin on 27th January 2010

Double Cheese Muffins

There is something about the smell of baking which fills the home and your being with happiness.

I needed to use up some leftover cheeses I had in the fridge. And muffins take the least effort and time to make, so this is what I did to make┬áthese mouth-watering pieces of cheesy goodness …. YUM!

Double Cheese Muffins

  • Grate 2 1/4 C of Tasty / sharp cheddar cheese into a big bowl
  • Grate about 120g of feta into same bowl
  • Add 1 1/2 C of SR Flour, 1t chilli powder, 1T sugar, 1/2t salt┬áto the cheeses and mix well
  • Beat 1 egg & 1 C of milk together, add to the cheese mixture
  • Mix together, but don’t over-mix
  • Divide the mixture into a buttered non-stick muffin pan
  • Add more grated cheese on top (if you like)
  • Fan bake at 180 C till golden and cooked through

(Makes 6 large mufffins)

I think I will try adding a bit of blue cheese next time, maybe parmesan too.

Oh… some spring onions would be nice too.