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Posted by burntmuffin on 8th July 2010

Chocolate Chip Cookie Brownie

Cookie or Brownie?

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Posted by burntmuffin on 19th April 2010

Chocolate Oat Cookies

Last week, Miss S and I spent a day with friends. This means that us 2 mums relax while the kids entertain themselves. :)

We had chocolate oat cookies with morning coffee and afternoon tea. These cookies were the most delicious oat cookies I have ever eaten. Golden, soft, chewy and chocolatey. I asked my friend for the recipe and she said that I’d have to ask A, another friend who made them.

So I did, and A kindly emailed me the link to her friend’s site and I made a batch today.

Coffee and Chocolate Oat Cookies

What would one do with the leftover condensed milk, you ask? Make another batch, of course! Or do as I did and make a cup of coffee – 1 tsp instant coffee, 1 tsp condensed milk and hot water (filtered coffee tastes best though – I only had instant in the cupboard). Or Milo or tea.

Posted by burntmuffin on 8th April 2010

Mmmm… brownies

I found this recipe a few months ago. Just reading through the ingredient list made my mouth water. Last week, I made sure that mascarpone cheese was the first item on my list (in my head). And what do you know… I had to go back to the supermarket a few hours later.

The first “make” was perfect – I followed the measurements exactly. It also helped that Mr K took Miss S for an afternoon excursion so there was peace and quiet. I wish I remembered to take a photo.

The 2nd “make” … well, I wanted to use up the cheese and used 3/4C instead of 1/2C. Halfway through baking, the brownie was drowning in fat which had to be poured off. The lesson – follow the instructions!

Brownies - 2nd "make"

Despite the drama, they are still VERY nice and this recipe tops my brownie recipe list.

Now the search is on for the perfect chocolate mud cake recipe…

Posted by burntmuffin on 23rd February 2010

Oreo truffles

My siblings and I had our first taste of Oreo cookies when I was a kid. As it was an imported item back then, it was a special treat when Dad brought home a package from the grocery store. I remember him doing this only once.

I happened to click on when I was doing a search for brownie recipes and I must have spent about an hour looking at her photos and recipes. She’s got a whole range of mouth-watering recipes and wonderful things like cake pops (my daughter loves looking at the Sesame Street characters).

After much browsing, I found her recipe for Oreo Truffles. 3 ingredients! And they are so easy to make. Most importantly, they taste like you’ve spent hours making them :)

Oreo truffles

The toothpicks make the chocolate coating process so much easier. I should have removed them for the photos, but forgot all about it. :)

Posted by burntmuffin on 27th January 2010

Double Cheese Muffins

There is something about the smell of baking which fills the home and your being with happiness.

I needed to use up some leftover cheeses I had in the fridge. And muffins take the least effort and time to make, so this is what I did to make these mouth-watering pieces of cheesy goodness …. YUM!

Double Cheese Muffins

  • Grate 2 1/4 C of Tasty / sharp cheddar cheese into a big bowl
  • Grate about 120g of feta into same bowl
  • Add 1 1/2 C of SR Flour, 1t chilli powder, 1T sugar, 1/2t salt to the cheeses and mix well
  • Beat 1 egg & 1 C of milk together, add to the cheese mixture
  • Mix together, but don’t over-mix
  • Divide the mixture into a buttered non-stick muffin pan
  • Add more grated cheese on top (if you like)
  • Fan bake at 180 C till golden and cooked through

(Makes 6 large mufffins)

I think I will try adding a bit of blue cheese next time, maybe parmesan too.

Oh… some spring onions would be nice too.