Posted by burntmuffin on 8th April 2010

Mmmm… brownies

I found this recipe a few months ago. Just reading through the ingredient list made my mouth water. Last week, I made sure that mascarpone cheese was the first item on my list (in my head). And what do you know… I had to go back to the supermarket a few hours later.

The first “make” was perfect – I followed the measurements exactly. It also helped that Mr K took Miss S for an afternoon excursion so there was peace and quiet. I wish I remembered to take a photo.

The 2nd “make” … well, I wanted to use up the cheese and used 3/4C instead of 1/2C. Halfway through baking, the brownie was drowning in fat which had to be poured off. The lesson – follow the instructions!

Brownies - 2nd "make"

Despite the drama, they are still VERY nice and this recipe tops my brownie recipe list.

Now the search is on for the perfect chocolate mud cake recipe…

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  1. Muks says:

    Looks awesome! All you need is some garden fresh strawberries to go with it.

  2. burntmuffin says:

    Yup, or raspberries!

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