Posted by burntmuffin on 2nd February 2010

The New Bags

This is the bag I have been using for the last 2 and a bit years.

The Buzzy Bee Bag

It was given to us when our little girl was born – to be used first as a nappy bag, and then later on as a kindy/school bag.

I decided that I should stop using it as a “nappy bag”. Problem was my old bag was just too small – long gone are the days of just having the wallet, the phone and the keys in the handbag.

So after some net surfing, I found this blog called ikatbag. Lier (the owner of the blog) has a wonderful pattern/tutorial on how to make a tote bag. It looked easy enough to attempt. So after some canvas shopping, the sewing machine had a workout (I made lots of mistakes so had to unpick a lot), and a little one the next day (I decided to make one for my daughter too).

The New Bags

The mini bag is so cute that I’m going to make another one just for my wallet, phone and keys for when I don’t have to lug toddler essentials around. :)

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