Posted by burntmuffin on 24th February 2011

Blueberry Pancakes

Miss S started listening to Audiobooks when she was about 18 months old. One of her favourites is Curious George Makes Pancakes.

It wasn’t until she was about 2.5 that she found out what pancakes were. I finally found the most wonderful scottish pancake recipe by Sophie Gray (here’s a link to the recipe on Craving Fresh). Add a handful of frozen blueberries to each pancake, a good pour of lemon honey or maple syrup…. yum… that’s usually what we have for breakfast most Saturdays.

Blueberry Pancakes

When we asked Miss S where blueberries came from, this is what she said:

Miss S: The Freezer.

Us: No.

Miss S: The Supermarket!

Us: No.. we’ll show you.

So, we decided to take a drive down to Ngatea to pick some blueberries.We made a day of it. Miss S was so excited about the fact that she could pick them off the bushes and straight into her little bucket. We all loved it (it was my first berry picking expedition too – the lone raspberry cane in our garden doesn’t count as we only get about 5 fruit each year).

Rows and rows of blueberry bushes

Yummy Fresh Blueberries

Methinks it’s time to make another trip. The 3 kgs we picked did not last very long – Miss S loves to snack on a bowlful of frozen ones every now and again.

And this leads on to the next post… Felt Blueberries and Pancakes!

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  1. Muks says:

    This is fantastic! You’ve inspired me on what to do with the frozen raspberries and blueberries I’ve kept in the freezer since last summer! Good thing 8 March is Shrove Tuesday!

  2. burntmuffin says:

    How’d it go? We’ve also been having blueberry milkshakes, blueberry yogurt ice blocks, and S’s been having blueberries with her Weetbix everyday (we have re-stocked – we have about 10 kgs in the freezer). Will surely be doing this again next year. :)

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