Posted by burntmuffin on 7th February 2010

Cardboard House(s)

My little girl wanted to do some craft.

I was out of ideas, and the Usborne Books has been returned to the library.

Then, she told me she wanted to make a house.

A house? I thought about the options:

  1. We could build a house with blocks, but technically speaking, that is “play” not crafts.
  2. We could make a house with the cushions and the chairs, but that is “play”, too.

Hmmm… if I had a tissue box, but we seldom use tissues in this household.

Some rummaging around the house later, I emerged with a handful of colourful A4 sized corrugated card.

Corrugated Card

Surely one can fashion a house out of this.

Here are the steps I took:

Draw 4 vertical lines at 6cm intervals, an another at 1cm. Draw 1 horizontal line 1cm from the bottom of the card. Measure 8cms from that line and draw another horizontal line. Measure another 4cms and draw another line. In columns 1 & 3, draw lines to form a triangle shape at the top.

(Click for a larger image)

Cut out the shape, then the door and the window

Decorate liberally - in this case with foam stickers

Cut out a rectangle of card in another colour measuring 8cm x 16cm. This is the roof.

Fold at the lines and staple. Do the same with the bottom. Glue/tape will work too.

Front and back view

Put some sticky tape on the inside of the house on the roofline on the same side.

Tape on the roof - fold the roof in half and put the points of the roofline against the fold line as a guide.


A trio of houses

The other side of the roof can be lifted to let “people” in and out of the house. Seems easier than using the door. But if the door is going to be used instead, reinforce it with tape.

All in all, this was a fun experience. I suggest making a template so you don’t have to measure the card each time.

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