Posted by burntmuffin on 24th February 2010


This is another paper activity that is a favourite with my daughter – paper lady bugs.

Yellow ladybugs

For 1 Ladybug:

Trace a 3 circles:

  • 1 Large on yellow/red/blue paper or card
  • 1 Medium on black paper or card
  • 1 quite small on black paper or card

Use a hole punch and punch out some black circles.

Cut the yellow/red/blue circle in half and cut a sliver off one of the halves.

Cut the small black circle into half (you only use one half for 1 ladybug).

Decorate the base paper/card that you will stick the ladybug onto with squiggles (in this case) or draw a landscape or flowers for your child to colour in – whatever takes your fancy.

Start sticking/gluing!

Medium circle first, then the coloured halves. The small black half at the top (make feelers out of pipe cleaners, if you wish). Stick the tiny black dots on randomly (or you can use plastic jewels to make a royal bug).

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  1. Mr K says:

    Ladybugs, ladybugs …at least these ones don’t go splat when you step on them :D

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