Posted by burntmuffin on 23rd February 2010

Oreo truffles

My siblings and I had our first taste of Oreo cookies when I was a kid. As it was an imported item back then, it was a special treat when Dad brought home a package from the grocery store. I remember him doing this only once.

I happened to click onĀ when I was doing a search for brownie recipesĀ and I must have spent about an hour looking at her photos and recipes. She’s got a whole range of mouth-watering recipes and wonderful things like cake pops (my daughter loves looking at the Sesame Street characters).

After much browsing, I found her recipe for Oreo Truffles. 3 ingredients! And they are so easy to make. Most importantly, they taste like you’ve spent hours making them :)

Oreo truffles

The toothpicks make the chocolate coating process so much easier. I should have removed them for the photos, but forgot all about it. :)

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    2 Responses

  1. Mr K says:


    “Oreos, dipped in chocolate” – on a stick, seriously, does it get any better?

  2. Andie says:

    these are soooo good, i didnt realise it was this easy. i have been searching for a good truffle recipe for ages!

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