Posted by burntmuffin on 8th April 2010

Hello Kitty

Who would have thought that Hello Kitty would come back into popularity. When I was in primary school, having Hello Kitty stickers in your sticker album was a really cool thing. Come to think of it, having stickers back then was a real treat – when my siblings and I got a sheet, we would divvy them up and then keep them in a safe place (meaning we don’t use them).

Anyway, I digress. I never had Hello Kitty stickers or anything Hello Kitty. The only Hello Kitty thing I had were sketches and drawings I drew of Hello Kitty. It was a fun thing to do, and my friends and I would spend our recesses comparing sketches.

I decided to make Hello Kitty the other day for a little girl’s upcoming birthday. I made two, just in case one went a little wonky. As usual, I used LiEr’s tutorial – Thank you, LiEr for your very many great ideas!

Hello Kitty

The one in the yellow dress will be boxed up with a few more dresses and accessories. The one in the pink dress…. well, Miss S has called dibs on it.

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