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Posted by burntmuffin on 11th February 2010

Mary Jane Booties

A few months after my little girl was born, I learned to knit – using library books as guides. The reason was I wanted to knit her these adorable little booties by Lucie Sinkler. Alas, by the time I was confident enough to tackle them, her feet had grown considerably. But that didn’t stop me [...]

Posted by burntmuffin on 28th January 2010

The New “Not Invisible” Cloak

I was rooting around in one of the boxes in the garage and found this shiny piece of red fabric. There is a story to how I came to own this fabric, but that comes later. I thought to myself, “A cloak for my little girl. She can pretend she is a princess or a [...]

Posted by burntmuffin on 24th January 2010

The Shirred Dress

It was 2 am on Sunday the 24th of January. I was shirring the bodice of a dress for my little girl for the 3rd time. I am thinking, “One day, I’m going to tell her what I went through to make her this dress and she will not believe me”. So, a bit of [...]