Posted by burntmuffin on 24th March 2010

Singlets for winter – Part 2

As a continuation to my first winter singlet post, I made the 50/50 wool/cottonĀ singlets. It’s surprising how much easier this fabric is to sew compared to the cotton knit, and it was a really nice fabric to work with.

After making 4 for my toddler, I attempted to make one for Mr K. Same method – got an old singlet, traced the front and back pieces, cut and sew.

4x toddler singlets & 1x adult singlet

This picture was taken before I threw them in the wash.

They came out quite a bit shorter than they were originally – argh!

ALWAYS wash the fabric before cutting and sewing.

But they will still be worn. No one will see the imperfections – they are singlets after all.

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    2 Responses

  1. Mr K says:

    wooo am I really THAT big? scary!!

    Mr K is SUPER proud of you!!!

  2. Muks says:

    :-) What would you do if S sees this and likes having the same clothes as daddy, which leads to her asking you to make copies of her other girly dresses in Mr K’s size?

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